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Updated: Apr 10, 2023

What is Hot bamboo Massage?

Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot bamboo massages are basically very similar. However, in a Hot Bamboo massage, the therapist employs a selection of heated bamboo sticks rather than only their hands to loosen up the muscles. Like how a therapist would use their hands, heated bamboos are worked into the muscle tissue. However, hot bamboo sticks enable the therapist to knead more deeply and firmly than they could if using only their hands. And depending on the specifics required for precise and targeted gliding strokes, the length and width of the bamboo sticks used can vary.

How does it work?

Hot Bamboo massage combines the benefits of “Thermotherapy” (the use of heat applications) with massage strokes, using heated bamboo sticks to create a deep, relaxing and healing treatment. Using the warmth of the bamboo to heat up the skin allows the skin to absorb moisturizing and therapeutic oils, whilst at the same time preparing the musculature of the body so the therapist can work into the deeper muscle layers.

Bamboo facts

1. Bamboo is a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. It can grow as tall as 35 meters high.

2. There are 1500 different types of bamboo. Asia, Australia, North and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa

3. It is the giant’s panda main food source

4. Its scientific name is Bambuseae

5. In China, Bamboo is called Chu.

6. Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide than any other plants

7. Bamboo is used in folk medicine to treat infections and to accelerate healing of wounds.

8. Bamboo is a natural antioxidant.

9. Bamboo is often used in construction in India and China due to its strength.

10. Bamboo symbolises strength, prosperity and peace

11. Some types of bamboo are used in cooking and salads

12. Bamboo only flowers every 65 to 100 years.

What bamboo stick for what massage use?


What is it used for

The big one (long and girthy)

​Good for warming up the muscles. Deep and fascia work.

The medium one (long and slim)

​Great for large muscles i.e. back of legs

​The Half short (flat on one side)

​Great for deeper work and more specific work. Great for trigger points.*

​The short

​Same use as half shorts

​The skinny one

​Great for arms and using round ends for trigger points.*

The rolling pin one

The most versatile stick: great for deep work, warming up muscles and trigger points.

​The tapotement one

​Used at the start and end of the treatment over the towel alongside to whole body.

*Trigger points refer to areas of muscle tightness, tension or irregularity. Stress, bad posture and long sitting hours at work can all contribute to the formation of trigger points. Trigger points can be intensely painful and are sources of many pains in our body such as headaches and neck and low back pain. Once such an area has been found, the ends of bamboo sticks can be used to apply careful pressure for 90 seconds, released briefly and re-applied if necessary.

Hot bamboo massage techniques

The bamboo sticks held in the therapist’s hands simply replicate the movements, stokes and techniques used in Deep Tissue and Swedish massages. The bamboo sticks are in effect a sort of natural extension of the therapist’s hands. So massaging methods and techniques include effleurage, petrissage (kneading, fanning, wringing, friction), percussion (tapotement) and acupressure (trigger points).

Also, the rhythm of the massage is key to determine the effect of the massage. Fast strokes tend to stimulate, longer and slower strokes will sedate and soothe. Using a slow rhythm, the heat of the bamboo has a greater chance of penetrating the superficial tissue and get into the muscle.

Hot Bamboo massage: the go-to no-question massage

With a myriad of health benefits, physical and psychological, associated with a Hot Bamboo massage, this fast up trending holistic massage treatment is all you need right now.

1. Relieves migraines

2. Improves quality of sleep

3. Helps alleviate arthritic pain, particularly in the neck and shoulders

4. Increases joint and muscle flexibility

5. Stimulates cellular activity to repair and intensely nourish the skin

6. Breaks down and softens adhesions

7. Improves blood flow to surrounding tissues

8. Provides a greater ability to transport toxins and waste products from the area

9. Provides a fantastic tool creating a sense of depth to the massage

10. Provides a notable sensation of relaxation and well-being

11. Relieves tightness in muscles and tendons

12. Regenerates and revitalises tired aching muscles

13. Relaxes the body and mind

14. Increased flow of oxygen in blood

15. Promotes lymphatic flow, accelerate drainage and releases of toxins

16. Helps break down fat deposits, aiding in weight loss by breaking down cellulite

Hot bamboo massage: a gift from heaven!

Bamboo has a long history of contributing to the health and wellbeing of people across Asia due to its unique healing properties. It has been long admired as some kind of a miraculous and vital plant, associated with strength, fertility, prosperity, peace, reliance, optimism and spiritual enlightenment. Whether it is the source of human life or a secret repository for divine power, bamboo does seem to possess some magical properties. Its multiple benefits in a massage treatment are real and proven though. So why not try a Hot Bamboo massage today and see the results for yourself.

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